Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ranunculus and Stock

I have always loved the old fashioned look and sweet-spicy scent of stock flowers (Matthiola incana), but never noticed them for sale or thought about actually growing my own. Since the weather has been so lovely I have been cruising around my favorite nurseries; The Natural Gardener, Barton Springs, and The Great Outdoors. These are all reputable establishments, so I think that maybe they will do well here. I picked up a few at each spot, but must admit that the specimens at NG were truly outstanding. The mass of pink and purple 4 inch pots were truly stunning. Hopefully they will shine in my garden as well. A gardener from San Antonio recommends removing the bottom leaves to prevent fungal problems, I will try this with my plants.

I was also seduced by the lovely ranunculus available right now. Although I am a sucker for the red, I was drawn to this cheerful yellow. I have been told that here in Austin they are treated as annuals, I still hold out the hope of seeing some of them come back.


  1. While few of the ranunculus I planted three years ago naturalized, all the freesia did. I'm trying stock from seed this year.

  2. I love freesia, thanks for the tip. Are you direct sowing your stock or starting them indoors first? I am eager to hear how they work out for you.

  3. I started them indoors. I start almost all seeds indoors, so I can keep an eye on things (and so I don't forget to water!). I did successfully direct sow turnips, carrots, beets and radishes (though the direct sown spinach didn't make). I'll keep you posted! :)