Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tomato Seedling Giveaway Day

I have started so many tomato seedlings this year that I thought it might be fun to host a tomato seedling giveaway. They are all very healthy and organic, most are heirlooms but there are also some proven hybrids. I will put a limit of 2 per person. If you have something to trade the limit may be negotiable, but really I would just like to share my bounty with fellow tomato lovers and gardeners. Maybe a tomato festival is in our future?
The pictures are from last years bounty.

Event Date: 3/21/10
Event Time 10-1pm
Send me an email jjbutel@msn.com for address and directions.
Please feel free to tour the garden and visit, but please no smoking or pets. Kids are great if supervised.


  1. Thanks Caroline! My email address is now included. jjbutel@msn.com

  2. Welcome to garden blogging in Austin. Now we are 3. Two Jennies and a Jen. I would love a couple of tomato seedlings. I have lots of seedlings for swap.

  3. Hey Jen - welcome to the Austin garden bloggers - you're going to have a blast! I sure am.


  4. Welcome from me, too! Your last year's bounty looks great. I'd love two tomato seedlings, too--hope I can make it.

  5. Hello Jen! Thanks for the offer on the tomato seedlings, I think I may have some seedlings to swap, too!

  6. Hey! I hopefully will be able to make it to the Great Tomato Seedling Exchange of '10. Of course, this may mean that I end up with another garden full of tomatoes and nothing else again (as I've got 2 green zebras, a brandywine, and one marvel stripe plants currently residing on my desk at work...)

    Also, if you're into the metal working stuff, you and Bob from Draco Gardens should get together.

  7. Thanks to all of you for making me feel so welcome! I hope we can meet at the Seedling Giveaway.

  8. I have enjoyed meeting you--through reading your blog. I love heirloom tomatoes, and have grown them exclusively in the past. I have vowed to grow none this year--we will see how long that idea lasts! We just found out my grandson is allergic. His favorite activity at Grammy's is to check the tomato plants, pick, and eat all he can find. I don't think at 2 he will be able to understand why he can't do it anymore, hence the decision to lay off the tomatoes for a couple of years.

    I love looking at what you have done with rebar...it has given me some great ideas--now, where did I put that rebar...

    Welcome to the blogging neighborhood!

    AKA: Morning Glories in Round Rock

  9. Thanks Jenny! Your grandchildren are beautiful. My 3 year old daughter hated tomatoes until I started growing them. Now she loves them.