Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kellog's Breakfast Tomato

The seed catalogues have been flooding my mailbox, and I am dreaming about tomatoes from the garden. This Kellog's Breakfast was one of my favorites last year. The texture was meaty and juicy, and the flavor just superb. I grew quite a few tomatoes, and the winners for me were: Kellog's Breakfast, Aunt Ruby's German Green, German Johnson, and Early Girl. I prefer to grow heirlooms, but Early Girl opened my mind a bit. One plant gave me enough tomatoes for several batches each of roasted tomato sauce, different types of salsa, chopped tomatoes and basil, and more. Most importantly, the tomatoes tasted great. I am sure the record heat prevented some of the tomatoes from living up to their full potential. Hopefully it will be a bit cooler this year.


  1. You make me hurt, thinking about fresh tomatoes. My hybred favorite is Big Beef and my fav heirloom is Mortgage lifter. I also grow some heirlooms that a friend gave seeds for that has been in his family since the early 1800's. It's not a heavy producer but grows fruit over three pounds. They have a navel and are heavily pleated. Kind of ugly but they are the best tasting of all the tomatoes I've ever grown. I can hardly wait.

  2. I almost forgot, I love your blog. Wish I had found it sooner.

  3. Thanks Bob! Your blog is awe inspiring... the tanks, the ponds, the veggies, just amazing!